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Ranges of IP addresses

Regions » Ukraine » Lvov
DomainsStart IPEnd IPProvider"AS15895 Kyivstar PJSC""AS15895 Kyivstar PJSC""AS15895 Kyivstar PJSC""AS49125 Uteam LTD""AS6849 JSC UKRTELECOM"
562."AS49125 Uteam LTD""AS49125 Uteam LTD""AS49125 Uteam LTD""AS48082 FOP Mikhailyuk Yuri Ivanovitch""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST""AS31343 Intertelecom Ltd""AS43266 LLC AB Ukraine""AS6849 JSC UKRTELECOM""AS6849 JSC UKRTELECOM"
5178.212.102.0178.212.102.255"AS48957 Joint Ukrainian American Enterprise Telecommunications Resource Center ltd""AS47702 Teleradiocompany Discovery Ltd.""AS3255 State Enterprise Scientific and Telecommunication Centre Ukrainian Academic and Research Netw"
4194.126.181.0194.126.181.255"AS35004 NetGroup Ltd.""AS35004 NetGroup Ltd.""AS6849 JSC UKRTELECOM"