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Ranges of IP addresses

Regions » Ukraine » Donetsk
DomainsStart IPEnd IPProvider"AS43998 Cifrovye Dispetcherskie Sistemy""AS21261 Stels ISP Ltd"
1046."AS13106 Don Apex""AS13106 Don Apex""AS52103 FOP Molodnyak Ruslan Petrovich""AS6877 BelABM Ukraine AS""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST""AS21011 TOP NET PJSC""AS48169 IVC-Donbass Ltd""AS48169 IVC-Donbass Ltd""AS28926 Telenet LLC""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST""AS197015 SPD Antipov O.V.""AS12530 Golden Telecom""AS12530 Golden Telecom""AS43998 Cifrovye Dispetcherskie Sistemy""AS25462 RETN Limited""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST""AS42702 DonbassInformCommunicationService Ltd.""AS49817 TRK Skif-TV LLC""AS43261 Stels ISP Ltd""AS43998 Cifrovye Dispetcherskie Sistemy""AS196638 OJSC Promtelecom""AS44487 Jamer Ltd""AS197995 PE Lysyakov Igor Ivanovich""AS197995 PE Lysyakov Igor Ivanovich""AS9164 FOP Styopin Vyacheslav Evgenovich""AS197643 Television and Radio broadcasting company DKT Ltd""AS198640 SPD Shutov Iuriy Nikolaevich""AS59478 LLC IP SERVICE""AS59478 LLC IP SERVICE""AS21261 Stels ISP Ltd""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST""AS6703 PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY FARLEP-INVEST"
26109.254.0.0109.254.255.255"AS20590 Donbass Electronic Communications Ltd.""AS45025 Online Technologies LTD""AS44487 Jamer Ltd"
3176.101.96.0176.101.127.255"AS5598 Teleradiocompany Nadezhda Ltd"
1176.103.208.0176.103.215.255"AS44884 Online Ukraine Ltd.""AS52213 LLC DONETSK FIBER-OPTICAL NETWORK""AS51725 Private Enterprise Tron Vitaliy Vladimirovich""AS50780 EAST.NET Ltd.""AS50780 EAST.NET Ltd.""AS50780 EAST.NET Ltd.""AS197287 Center for Satellite Television DonSatTV plus Ltd""AS28926 Telenet LLC""AS196638 OJSC Promtelecom"
2193.109.166.0193.109.166.255"AS21261 Stels ISP Ltd"
3193.254.232.0193.254.232.255"AS12773 Teleradiocompany Soniko-Svyaz Ltd"
1194.44.21.0194.44.21.255"AS3255 State Enterprise Scientific and Telecommunication Centre Ukrainian Academic and Research Netw"
2194.44.183.0194.44.183.255"AS12691 Donetsk State Technical University""AS3255 State Enterprise Scientific and Telecommunication Centre Ukrainian Academic and Research Netw"
2194.146.197.0194.146.198.255"AS21261 Stels ISP Ltd"
1194.247.179.0194.247.179.255"AS196851 IKS Home network"
2195.39.210.0195.39.211.255"AS28926 Telenet LLC""AS8343 Private joint-stock company (PrJSC) DORIS""AS3261 LLC FTICOM""AS3261 LLC FTICOM"
3195.216.210.0195.216.211.255"AS44884 Online Ukraine Ltd.""AS6886 INTS""AS12687 Association of users of Ukrainian Research & Academic Network URAN""AS8343 Private joint-stock company (PrJSC) DORIS""AS8343 Private joint-stock company (PrJSC) DORIS""AS25299 Telephant Ltd.""AS25299 Telephant Ltd."